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The Radio Caroline Story from the inside

radiocarolineSince our Blog becomes more and more international we decided to establish a “English Speaker’s Corner” there, starting with a bilingual (German/English) article by our friend Hans Knot from the Netherlands. Thank You!
Review of: Tom Lodge, The Radio Caroline Story from the inside.
USA: Umi Foundation, 2002 (118 pagina’s).
by Hans Knot
From March 1964 until mid 1967 Tom Lodge worked as a deejay for the offshore radio station Radio Caroline. His recent book, The Radio Caroline Story from the Inside, recollects his memories of those days. Hans Knot enjoyed reading Lodge’s inside story and wrote us this review.
Some weeks ago a 118 page book, titled The Radio Caroline story from the inside, found its way into my postbox. It was sent over from America by the author himself.